Party Planning 2.0


PC Magazine did a very nice roundup of some of the party planning sites recently, and I thought I would share.

Michael Muchmore wrote “Perhaps the most Web 2.0–feeling of the bunch, MyPunchbowl may also be the easiest to use, with its step-by-step invitation-creation process. It also brings a couple of tricks all its own to the party.”

I like how Michael pointed out our unique “Pick a Date” feature which allows the host to privately designate some guests as VIP’s as you use MyPunchbowl to help you pick a date. If you haven’t tried Pick a Date yet, try using it for your next event or meeting. It will help you coordinate a large group of people and pick the date that works for your most important guests.

Thanks to Michael for the article. I hope he gets a chance to do a more full review of MyPunchbowl in the future. As our users know, we have the most sophisticated event and party planning site on the web. And we’re building and improving the site everyday.

Party Planning and Online Invitations with MyPunchbowl


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