How to make the office green

Well, we know that we have some very loyal MyPunchbowl blog readers, but even we were surprised by the latest development….

Just yesterday I wrote “If you’re a friend of Punchbowl, we hope you’ll get a chance to come by and see our new digs at some point. But make sure you come with a plant or other foliage in hand– we could use some!” 

This afternoon, a beautiful plant showed up at our new HQ. I’ve been told that it is an “umbrella plant” which is apparently indestructable. This is a really good thing: not many people here at Punchbowl HQ are great with plants.

Our first greenery was sent by a person who mysteriously signed his name as “Dark.” I happen to know this person very well– and I know he would prefer to remain anonymous. But he’s got BIG new fans here at Punchbowl, and the plant really spices up the office. As one of my esteemed colleagues noted “it really pulls the room together”:


Dark: on behalf of the entire Punchbowl team, we really appreciate the new plant. It was very generous and thoughtful. We promise to take care of it as best as we can– and we look forward to showing it to you in our new office (and lunch is on us!)

So here’s the challenge to our other faithful MyPunchbowl blog readers: help us make our new office GREEN! If you’re an investor, partner, friend, relative or anonymous reader… please send plants! We like all plants, but preferably ones that won’t die easily.

Oh, our new HQ is located at 873 Concord Street, Framingham MA 01701 in case you need the address 🙂

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