John Edwards, we barely knew ya

I just read the breaking news that John Edwards is bowing out of the presidential race. That’s really too bad–John Edwards is a great reminder of what makes this country great. John is a lower-middle class kid from the South who rose to national prominence. Stunning, really.

I had the great pleasure of sharing a flight with John Edwards a few years ago. I’ll never forget how much he struck me as “just a regular guy.” When I sat next to him, he was engrossed in a trashy beach novel. He was friendly and personable and we shared a few moments reminiscing about how our Tar Heels just beat those rascals from Dook.

After the flight, John asked if I’d like to take a picture together. I didn’t know it at the time, but John was on his way to the cancer center in Boston where his wife was about to begin chemotherapy. With all that was swirling through his head, he had the grace and awareness to stop and take a photo with me. A true southern gentleman.

John: thanks for all that you’ve done to raise the nation’s conciousness on key issues of poverty and job creation. We hardly got a chance to know you as a presidential candidate– I just hope that whoever is the eventual nominee is smart enough to choose you as their running mate.


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