A few times a day, I get emails from friends or family with something amusing on the web to check out. In a typical day, I don’t have time to check it out immediately, so they usually languish in my inbox for a few days. My sister-in-law (Agee) recently sent me something that quickly ended up at the bottom on my inbox for more than a week. Boy, I wish I had seen this earlier!

I’m currently learning how to play guitar, and Agee was my first teacher. Over the holidays (which my wife and I spent in Santa Cruz) Agee showed me some basic chords and I picked it up pretty quickly. I told her that my goal was to be able to sit around a campfire and play tunes and have people sing along. I know that lots of pop songs are made up of the same basic chord structure– so I’m hoping to quickly get to the point where it is fun to play.

To hammer home the point, Agee sent me a brilliant video from a guy named Rob Paravonian. I’ve embedded the video below this blog post– and if you’re a musician, a guitar player of any kind, or even just a person who enjoys music — spend five minutes watching this video: it’s freakin hysterical.

I’m excited to see that RobP is coming to Boston on March 15th. I just bought tickets to the show (note to wife: hope we’re available that night!). Rob apparently has some time to kill when he’s on the road as well. Check out his blog for some amusement.

Thanks to Agee for sending me this fantastic video. I’m off to grab my guitar to learn the only 3 chords that matter.


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One Response to RobPRocks

  1. Agee says:

    Oh Mateo…I thought that would inspire you! I have to give props to Hailey Bean, though. She’s the one that sent it to me! That 11 year old has a great sense of humor, I’ll tell you!
    Ry just started a guitar class. Maybe you two can “jam” in June! Keep the music alive!!

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