Groundhog Day Party

Well, it’s that time of year…again. Time to urge a little furry rodent from Punxsutawney, PA out of his burrow and hope that spring is right around the corner. If you live on the East Coast, you know that we could really use an early spring this year.

Those who know me, understand that some of the inspiration for came from my fascination with Groundhog Day. It’s a long story, and best told over a few beers: suffice to say that it involved a 12 hour car ride, an AP reporter, entrance into the “Inner Circle”, and a chicken factory. Yes, a chicken factory. The boneless skinless kind.

So it began in 1997. Fast forward to 2008, and my wife and I are planning our 12th annual Groundhog Day party. That’s right, 12th. This year will be particularly fun, as all of the Punchbowlers and friends will be gathering for an evening of raucous debauchery.

I sent out my Groundhog Save the Date a few weeks ago, the full online invitation to follow very soon. If you didn’t get an invite….well, I probably didn’t want you to see me drunk on tequila. Sorry about that.

If you’re looking for an excuse to get people together, I’d highly recommend Groundhog Day. This year it falls on a Saturday– even better. Why should you celebrate Groundhog Day? Well, can you think of a better way to worship a furry rodent who has been accurately predicting the weather for over 100 years? I didn’t think so. Oh, and I’d recommend using — they have some great Groundhog Party themes šŸ™‚

If you’re having a Groundhog Day party, please make a comment on this blog post– I’d love to hear from you.

Phil! Phil! Phil! Isn’t he cute?



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One Response to Groundhog Day Party

  1. Diego says:

    Don’t forget to add sausage* to the menu for this most auspicious occasion.

    “Sausage?” you say.

    Well, yes, it is ground… hog.

    And may it be your tradition as it is mine.

    *soysauge is an acceptable alternative.

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