Final day to win $5,000 Big Game party

So I was talking to my friends over at (1-800-Flowers), and they reminded me that today is the last day to enter the super bowl party “Big Game party idea contest.” I’m a little bummed that I can’t enter– you know those pesky little legal rules that don’t let co-marketing partners participate.

If I did enter, my entry would center around the viewing experience. I’ve got my eyes on a new flat-screen TV, and that would be the center of my party. I’d order out catering from the Carnegie Deli in New York (overnight shipping to keep the corned beef fresh), and I’d decorate the house as a disco bar for half-time entertainment, complete with strobe lights and disco balls. Did I mention the beer imported fresh from Modelo in Mexico? Hmmm, maybe this party idea is a little more than $5K. Check out some of the other great party ideas that users have submitted at

For those of you who are hosting a Super Bowl party, I suggest that you kick your party planning into high gear. You can get started in less than 5 minutes by sending your guests a “Save the Date” and then follow up next week after you have a chance to peruse our free online invitations. You’ll be glad we have a easy-to-use checklist feature to organize everything you need (and even ask guests to bring something). For more ideas, head over the party expert herself: Penelope.

My Super Bowl plans aren’t set yet– if you’re having a party (or you happen to be the lucky $5K winner) I hope you’ll send an invite to me and the Punchbowl crew. We’ll bring the punch!


Party Planning and Free online invitations at MyPunchbowl.


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