37 Signals has some downtime

We’re a fan of some of the products from 37signals. We use Campfire for real-time group chat, but we also find Basecamp useful at different times in our development cycle.

When we push a new version of MyPunchbowl “live”, it’s critical that we’re all chatting simultaneously. And for us, this morning was a really unfortunate time for 37Signals to experience downtime. Ah, well. It happens.


We’re really happy with how 37 signals communicated as they were having trouble. We all have down time once in a while. The Punchbowl team thinks they did a great job of communicating and fixing the problem in a timely manner. Bravo to the everyone at 37 signals.

(Oh, and a new version of MyPunchbowl is on its way!)


Party Planning and Free online invitations at MyPunchbowl.


One Response to 37 Signals has some downtime

  1. DHH says:

    Hey guys, we’re terribly sorry that the downtime this morning that kept you from getting to your Campfire. Thanks for hanging in there!

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