Is Yahoo giving up on Yahoo Mail?

This morning I noticed a very interesting message on My Yahoo page:


I was struck by this message for a few key reasons:

1) Yahoo has been trying to get me to switch from the old My Yahoo to the new layout for a few months now. I’ve tried the new version a few times in the last three months– and I think it is a step backwards. While the layout lends itself to better advertising placement (which I’m sure is at least part of the motivation for the new My Yahoo), the layout itself is poor. There’s far less information on the page (which causes more scrolling), and I find the entire UI monotone (which makes it harder to quickly find what I’m looking for). I know how difficult new design is (it looks so easy, it must be easy!). So I don’t fault Yahoo for the new design. It’s just not for me.

2) Does Yahoo actually think I’m going to trust a quote by “C.”?? At one point, we put a user quote on You know what? No one cares, and no one believes it. The quote itself is pretty ridiculous — is it “amazing” that there is a Netflix widget? Um, no.

3) I’m one of those people who has struggled between using Gmail vs Yahoo Mail. There are many, many things I like about Yahoo Mail. I use Gmail now, but I’m not opposed to switching (if the transition is easy). Gmail is the center of my “digital life” and I interact with Google products many hours a day as a result. By including Gmail access as a reason to switch to My Yahoo, it feels like Yahoo has given up on their own product. It’s almost an admission: we know you use Gmail — heck, even we use Gmail. So why not use your Gmail in your My Yahoo page?

Many have written about the popularity of Yahoo Mail. So why are they “advertising” Gmail? (Yes, I know they are simply trying to make My Yahoo more appealing to me as a Gmail user– but Yahoo Mail is one of the most important products in Yahoo’s arsenal).

Hey Yahoo: don’t sell out on your prime jewel. Tell me the benefits to using Yahoo Mail, and remind me why I should take another look. If you give up on your own product, so will I.


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