Business Week covers MyPunchbowl

A few weeks ago I was in New York City and met with Catherine Holohan, a writer at Business Week magazine. Catherine and I spent about an hour talking about MyPunchbowl. We talked about the market overall, and why MyPunchbowl is different than other event and party planning sites. However, this wasn’t a run-of-the-mill press meeting… Catherine is really nice person and we enjoyed chatting about our jobs and life too.


This morning I awoke to a very nice article in Business Week magazine. Here’s what Catherine wrote: “This year, launched an invitation site with party-planning tools. One is a date optimizer that chooses the best day for an event based on votes by those invited, even giving preference to the dates preferred by those invitees whom the host identifies as VIPs behind the scenes. “There is demand for sophisticated party planning online,” says founder Matt Douglas.”

I also like how Catherine clearly articulated the business opportunity for Punchbowl. Beyond the nearly $30 billion U.S. market for online ads, there’s another obvious financial opportunity for online invitation sites: the $10-billion-plus market for party supplies.

Thanks to Catherine for spending the time with me and covering Business Week is one of the few publications I actually read consistently. It’s really nice to be recognized in such an important publication.

Read the article here.


Party Planning and Online Invitations with MyPunchbowl


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