MyPunchbowl loves the Ladies

One of our marketing goals is to reach beyond the “early adopter” tech crowd and reach the more mainstream user. That’s why it was particularly nice to get a surprise from “Ladies Home Journal” magazine yesterday.


Ladies Home Journal has a circulation over 4M, and is one of those publications that has been around for years. I love this description of the magazine (taken from their website): “Ladies’ Home Journal is a magazine for the modern American family woman who celebrates and cherishes her family relationships but also seeks ways to enrich, indulge and improve herself personally…”

MyPunchbowl was covered in their “Miss Gizmo” column online. Miss Gizmo writes: “Less stress from picking the date gives you more time to prep for the party, and the site’s party store locator will make hostess shopping easier. You can even add a personalized photo to the invite. What’s Miss Gizmo’s favorite feature? Every party’s own message board for before and after event chats. Try it out, it’s free.”

Check out the post on Thanks to Ladies Home Journal for covering MyPunchbowl.


Party Planning and Online Invitations with MyPunchbowl


3 Responses to MyPunchbowl loves the Ladies

  1. Congrats on the coverage guys!

    Just used MyPunchBowl for the first time for our office christmas party. Much better than evite! (But it would be cool if recipients could see who else has rsvp’ed. Any plan on that?)

  2. mdouglas says:

    MyPunchbowl does provide this function.. the host gets to decide whether or not the guest list if viewable. If you are the host, you can set this in the “RSVP options” section. If you are a guest… well, you are at the mercy of whatever the host has decided to do. Hope that helps and thanks for writing.

  3. Oh I see! I’ll ask my colleague who sent out the invites about it.

    Thanks for the great free service. How do you make money?

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