MyPunchbowl at TechCrunch Boston Meetup

On Friday night, Punchbowl was a sponsor of the TechCrunch Boston Meetup. It was a fantastic event for us — and by all accounts a big success for

For Punchbowl, preparations for the event started a few weeks ago, and we really kicked it into high gear at the beginning of last week. Our goal was to elevate our visibility within the Boston TechCrunch crowd and clearly articulate the benefits of At the event we launched our new marketing campaign: Use and you will be the “World’s Greatest Host.” We created t-shirts, big signs, and lots and lots of stickers. Oh, and we served the World’s Greatest Punch (yes, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Here’s a quick run-down of the MyPunchbowl presence at the event…

Our demonstration area was on the second floor. As people walked up the stairs, they saw this sign:


If you turned the corner to the right, you would see our demonstration area (note the beautiful monitor in the background showing off our brand new interface):


Here’s my co-founder Sean sporting our “World’s Greatest Host” t-shirt and listening intently to a potential user:


We had “World’s Greatest Host” stickers– and we applied them to anyone who stopped by our area. Here’s Mike Arrington (the real host of the event) showing his support for MyPunchbowl:


Last but not least– my brilliant wife came up with a name for the punch we served:


This event was truly a team effort– thanks to everyone who helped us make this happen. In no particular order, thanks to Jeanne, Dave, Blake, Jess, Sean, Mike — and anyone else I might have missed.

To read more about the event, see Don Dodge, Doug Levin (dude, where were you?), Center Networks, YoavShapiraChris Herot, Jeff Bussgang and the official TechCrunch writeup.

We sponsored this event to help spread the word about MyPunchbowl. If you haven’t signed up for a free account and given a try yet, I’d like to invite you to take a minute and check it out:


4 Responses to MyPunchbowl at TechCrunch Boston Meetup

  1. Allen Stern says:

    techpunch – AHAHAHAHAHAHA


    Great meeting you – still waiting for that email! 🙂

  2. Lucy McQuilken says:

    Doug was there! I guess he missed the TechPunch tho..

  3. Christopher Ott says:

    Great stuff guys. I spent a lot of time at the TechPunch. Thanks for contributing to great evening.

    Christopher Ott and all of the Referral Key team.

  4. […] see the coverage here. Perkett PR and MyPunchbowl served some specialty cocktails. I tried the TechPunch, but never quite made it to the wine bar hosted by Wine Library TV. It’s not easy being the […]

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