A championship for me too

This morning here in Natick, Massachusetts we are all celebrating a World Series Championship for our Boston Red Sox.

I recall an email I sent to a few friends and family right after the 2004 World Series ended. It went something like this: “I grew up a Mets fan, and although I’ve been following the Red Sox this year, while I watched the celebration tonight I realized that I didn’t feel the utter sense of joy like so many of the fans. I hadn’t suffered for 86 years — in fact, I was on the winning end of the World Series in 1986. So I’m happy for the Red Sox and all of the fans, but I realize that this championship is for all of the fans that have suffered for so long. I hope I get a chance to really celebrate a Red Sox World Series Championship in the future.”

During the celebration last night, one of the Red Sox owners proclaimed that “the 2004 championship was for our grandparents and parents and all of the people who had suffered for years. This championship is for the new generation of Red Sox fans.” That’s exactly how I feel. And it feels great to be able to revel in this World Series win.

As I’ve read blogs this morning, I’ve noticed how many people in the Boston tech community are celebrating on their blogs: Mike Hirshland, Dharmesh (as he writes a must-read article on why you should not re-write your software), and David at 93South.

For all of those who suffered for years, I’m excited to join you this time around. This championship is for me too.


3 Responses to A championship for me too

  1. David says:

    It’s another great win and welcome to the nation!

  2. Irma says:

    Yes, even in Gainesville, I was excited. Once a Red Sox fan, always a Red Sox fan!!!!!!!!!

  3. Have never been a big baseball guy in the past, but I’m converted.

    Actually watched the past 7 games.

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