The Jessies Test

Yesterday I was interviewed by Dow Jones VentureWire. The article came out this morning in the VentureWire newsletter.  By far, it’s my favorite article that’s ever been written about MyPunchbowl. And the best part? It’s all true.

Read on….


Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Punchbowl Software Inc., which just secured its first round of funding, puts its product through a verification process like no other start-up does. It’s called “The Jessies Test.”

See, both founders of the company married women named Jessie, and when they need feedback on their event planning Web site, their party-planning spouses prove to be an ideal sample group.

“‘The Jessies Test’ is input from two educated, Internet-savvy women and all they care about the site is that it’s easy to use,” co-founder and Chief Executive Matt Douglas said.

Douglas said the company just closed a “traditional seed round” from Intel Capital and eCoast Angels that was less than $1 million. He said the funding will be used to help the team sort out its revenue model, hire developers and experiment with marketing efforts.

The company was launched in January by Douglas and Sean Conta, both of whom have experience developing user interfaces for software.

Natick, Mass-based Punchbowl Software is the company behind, an event-planning Web site. MyPunchbowl offers tools for the full cycle of party planning – helping planners coordinate a date, send invitations, secure party supplies and share pictures and videos after the party.


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