My “wish my wife a happy birthday” post

I spent a few minutes looking at my blog stats this morning. I was pretty surprised when I saw that the post where I asked readers to wish my wife a happy birthday was my #1 post of all time. Just in the last few days, that post has had dozens of views. Why? It didn’t take long to figure out.

Try it for yourself: go to Google and type in “wish happy birthday to wife” and my post comes up first in the search results.  Type in “happy birthday to wife” and my post comes up 1/2 way down the page.. No wonder so many people are finding my blog!

This means that there are lots of people searching to find a way to wish their wife a happy birthday. I suppose they are looking for creative ways to celebrate their wife’s birthday. It’s got me thinking about how MyPunchbowl could help solve this problem. Obviously, one way to celebrate a birthday is to throw a party in your wife’s honor. I guarantee she’ll appreciate you for bringing her friends together.

If you’re reading this, you may be thinking “good idea, but it sounds like a lot of work.” What if made is dead-simple for you to throw a birthday party for your wife? What if you could organize everything you need and plan all of the logistics from where you are sitting at work? In many ways, this is what we are all about. That’s our vision in a nutshell and everyday we’re working to reach this goal.

So if you found this post by searching “wish my wife a happy birthday” or “Happy Birthday to my wife” consider using to throw a party in her honor. Don’t worry, we won’t tell her where you got the idea.


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