A nice week of press

Sometimes you have to be patient to be rewarded for your efforts. We launched our new release on Monday last week. We had hoped for some press coverage on Monday, but we knew that the “TechCrunch40” conference was going on. We knew that some of the people who would normally write about our new release would be busy. However, I have to admit that I was disappointed on Monday evening. Our team had worked very hard on this release, and it was a bummer that we didn’t see many stories in the press that first day.

Slowly but surely over the week, more and more articles were written. Here’s a representative list, and a few quotes (to read the full article, click on the blog name).

Webware: “MyPunchbowl’s new checklist feature is pretty much the best addition to a party-planning service yet.”

Center Networks: “MyPunchbowl is an innovative way to plan a party.”

Mashable:  “MyPunchbowl adds Halloween-inspired features.”

eHub: “MyPunchbowl adds new features for party planning”

Best Facebook Apps: “I couldn’t find anything wrong with this app!”

Thanks to the writers who took time to look at our new version. It feels great to look back on last week and see lots of recognition for our new release.


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