MyPunchbowl Halloween Release

I’m very happy to announce a brand-new release of More details later. For now, here’s the press release that is going out at midnight tonight: adds new features for Halloween party planning, announces “Party Animal” Facebook application
 Enhanced version of ready for Halloween party planning, Facebook app “Party Animal” offers a fun new way to tell your friends how they act at a party 

Natick, Mass. (PRWeb) September 17, 2007 – Punchbowl Software today released a new version of its party planning software, adding to its leadership position as the most sophisticated event and party planning site on the web. is located at  

With its unique workflow interface, is the perfect site for Halloween party planning. The new “Party Checklist” feature offers an innovative way to organize everything for a Halloween party. Party Checklist includes “Potluck,” a quick and simple way to ask your friends to bring something from the list to the party. The Party Checklist feature provides the ability for users to create their own categories, re-order checklist items, and indicate the most important items to track. Together, these features offer unprecedented party planning functionality for users. 

Today Punchbowl Software also announced a new application developed specifically for the Facebook platform. The new application “Party Animal” offers a fun new way to tell your friends how they act at a party. Facebook users can vote for their friends, choosing between personalities such as “Drunken Pig” and “Lone Wolf.” Facebook users can also unlock bonus animals by creating a account. Bonus animals include celebrity personalities such as “Paris Hilton” and “Snoop Dogg” and creative party animals such as a “Social Butterfly” and “Party Pooper.”  Facebook users are raving about Punchbowl Software’s Party Animal. “My friends all love the new Party Animal Facebook app,” said Molly Clark-Barol, a Senior at Yale University, “it’s fun to see how my friends think I act at a party, and I even got an idea for my Halloween costume.” has also been updated with many features that are perfect for Halloween party planning. Additional new features on include:

  • 25+ Halloween party planning templates: themes include Halloween party templates appropriate for adult and kids Halloween parties
  • Penelope Plans: Resident party planning blogger Penelope writes on Halloween themes, ideas, and offers Halloween party planning advice
  • New guest view: A new tabbed view provides guests with the ability to quickly indicate if they are bringing friends to the event, as well as what they will bring from the Potluck list.
  • Unlimited Co-hosts: MyPunchbowl users can invite a friend to help them host the party. MyPunchbowl events can have unlimited co-hosts.
  • Duplicate a party: With a single click, any event can be copied, which provides a quick and easy way to start your next party
  • Notifications: Hosts and guests can now choose to receive notifications when any activity takes place on the party message boards
  • On-screen Help: MyPunchbowl now includes on screen guides to help users learn the features of the site
  • Bounced email notification: Hosts now receive notification if their guest’s email address is incorrect

In addition, Punchbowl Software has selected Engine Yard as its new web hosting provider, to better handle the popularity of and to improve overall performance. “We’re excited to help grow,” said Tom Mornini of Engine Yard, “our dedicated cluster technology can scale to meet their needs.” 

MyPunchbowl offers party planning tools to help hosts look good. It’s the perfect site for planning holidays, life milestone events, as well as adult and kids birthday parties. This latest release provides new features and functionality just in time for Halloween. “We’re a small and nimble company,” said Matt Douglas, Founder of Punchbowl Software, “we’re excited that we can offer great new features right in time for Halloween party planning.”

To sign up for a free MyPunchbowl account, visit


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