Wish my wife a happy birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday– and I have an idea….

My wife (Jessica) has been the most supportive person throughout the entire life of this startup. She’s seen MyPunchbowl.com grow from an idea on paper, to some Powerpoint slides, to a full-blown business. But as the wife of a startup guy, I’ve seen how much she’s given in the process.

Jess has been patient as the lines between home and work have blurred, and through countless weekends while I’ve worked. She understands more than anyone that getting a startup off the ground can take over your life, and it’s not a 9-5 job.

Starting a company is filled with ups and downs. Jess has been my rock, carefully helping me examine tough situations, giving me candid feedback, and never giving up hope even when things looked bleak. She’s taken a huge leap of faith with me– not just emotionally and spirtually, but also financially as well. 

If you are a startup person and have a significant other in your life, I hope that you can imagine yourself writing this post.  Behind every good startup person, there is some steadying force. Who’s your rock? 

So here’s my crazy idea: wish my wife a happy birthday. How? Just send an email to mypunchbowl@gmail.com,  and I’ll pass it along. Who knows? Maybe this blog post will end up on Reddit or Digg… (or even Fark!). Can you imagine the look on her face if birthday wish emails stream in all day?

I hope you’ll take a moment and send her a note. Maybe you empathize with being the spouse of a startup or maybe you have a suggestion of how to deal with the startup life? Anyone care to offer a birthday haiku? I’ll post the best submissions on the MyPunchbowl blog.

Let’s give her a birthday to remember! Email Jess at mypunchbowl@gmail.com.


3 Responses to Wish my wife a happy birthday

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  2. mary dankert says:

    Happy Birthday, Jess….
    I am the wife of a individual that started a company 37 years ago and we’ve been a team every since. Hang in there…it is so worth it!
    Your birhtdays will go by quickly with all the excitment that a new business brings each year!
    Mary Dankert
    Walters Publishing

  3. […] blog stats this morning. I was pretty surprised when I saw that the post where I asked readers to wish my wife a happy birthday was my #1 post of all time. Just in the last few days, that post has had dozens of views. Why? It […]

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