Oh come on Barry, at least play

I just flipped on the TV in time to see Barry Bonds hit home run number 756*.

Regardless of how you feel about Barry Bonds or the home run record, I hope most people who saw this accomplishment had the same reaction that I had when he took himself out of the game. Oh come on. You’re 3 for 3 on the night (single, double, homerun) and every move you make you get a standing ovation. You can’t play another inning or two? And yes, I know there is little to no chance that he would have actually hit for the cycle, but it would have been fun to see him try.

On a positive note, I was happy to see the video message from Hank Aaron. That’s all class. We should all strive to know when to just do what is best for the greater good. Hammerin Hank did the right thing. It was a big win for Major League Baseball (hats off to Bud Selig).

Oh, and did you see who got ball number 756? A Mets fan. I love it!


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