Holy BzzAgent Batman!

We’ve had some great days for traffic on MyPunchbowl.com. Some of them we’ve anticipated– for example, when we launched our “Pick a Date” feature, we knew that TechCrunch and other blogs would be covering our news, so we were prepared. When the Wall Street Journal wrote a full-page article about us we saw great traffic for days. And then there was last Thursday….

The best traffic is the kind that is unexpected. That’s what happened on Thursday last week. We were all surprised when we looked at our internal statistics and saw a huge jump. All of us asked the same question.. where is it coming from? Well, Google Analytics came to the rescue. It was mostly referrals from a site called Bzzagent.com. I had heard of them before, but I had never checked them out (I’ve since learned that they’re based in our backyard here in Boston).

Here’s what happened: MyPunchbowl was a featured site on their “Frogpond.” Users of BzzAgent (called BzzAgents) then could review the site and leave comments. Very cool. Here are some of the stats from the Frogpond (as of this afternoon):

MyPunchbowl Stats

» Total Posts: 952
» Total Visits: 1591
» Total Referrals: 479

Yes, that means that 952 people have posted their opinion about MyPunchbowl, and almost 1600 people visited the site. The comments on MyPunchbowl are great– it gives us a great cross-section of people’s first impressions of the site. Many of the comments are positive, and that makes us feel great. But there are a number of constructive, very useful comments. For a startup like us, this kind of customer data is invaluable.


I would encourage you to check out BzzAgent and join the site. They are pioneering the kind of “Word of Mouth” marketing that so many companies (like ours) crave. This is a company that really gets it– they are building a platform that connects companies with end-users in a way that benefits everyone. After checking out their site for a while today, I’m no longer surprised at the traffic we saw this week. They have built an impressive “consumer voice” platform. Really, really cool.

I don’t know who at BzzAgent was responsible for choosing MyPunchbowl.com as a “featured Frogpond.” Whoever you are — thank you.  Oh, and let’s do lunch. Something tells me I could learn alot from you.


One Response to Holy BzzAgent Batman!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Hello! I was recently hired to focus on Frogpond sales and came across your post. I would love to talk to you about your experience as a Featured Frog to hear your thoughts and comments. Give me a shout via email if you’re interested. Good luck with your site!

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