Thanks Newsweek!

We were very psyched to see that got first billing in a “tip sheet” article in this week’s issue of Newsweek (The issue is technically the August 6th issue — will hit newsstands this weekend, July 29th).


I first met the folks at Newsweek in one of my whirlwind press tours in New York City (just checked, it was March 21st). I had called Newsweek a few weeks earlier to pitch them on taking a look at the “event and party planning” category. That day, I met with the editor of the “Tip Sheet” section, a woman named Anna Kutchment. Anna was friendly and welcoming. After a long day of meetings, I remember feeling really good about my meeting at Newsweek.

These kinds of stories tend to take a long time to develop, and this one was no different. Not only was I encouraging them to take a look at, but I was also trying to convince them that this was an up and coming category that deserved national attention.

A few months later, I got an email from Cathy Lu, a writer for Newsweek. We setup a time to chat, and I took her through the product. She was an instant fan of and really likes our Pick a Date feature. Cathy went out of her way to keep me in the loop about when the story might hit (thanks Cathy!). This week I got a heads up that the article would be out this weekend.

It’s a small article, but Newsweek has a huge readership. I’m especially excited that is once again leading the category.  A very nice start to the weekend.


2 Responses to Thanks Newsweek!

  1. JD says:

    I happened to see this while riding the bus to work this morning. (The last time you popped up during my commute, you were quoted by name in an AP story about Groundhog Day.) Good work!

  2. Ardy Khazaei says:

    Hello Matt– I saw your site mentioned in Newsweek and I think it’s a great idea and an excellent site. Congratulations. I actually came across your listing because we were also in the Tip Sheet, but in the Checklist section on the left hand side– I wish you continued success! Ardy

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