In & Out Burger is better than blogging

I had planned to do some blogging tonight before my redeye back to Boston, but I’ve run out of time. I have lots to write about– and I hope my readers are interested in my whirlwind week in Silicon Valley.

I’m now sitting now on the plane right before takeoff. I ran out of time to blog for a few reasons, one of them being that we (my cousin and I) decided to head to In & Out Burger before hitting the airport. If you’ve never been to and In & Out Burger, you won’t understand. It’s great. I had a double-double with fries. No tomato. Fries were hot, and the bun was toasted. Brilliant.

I doubt I’ll sleep much on the red-eye, and I can’t live blog. Bummer. I think I’ll write some posts in Word and then post them later. That is, if my battery lasts for more than an hour…

Ladies and gentleman, please turn off all of your electronic devices. We’re ready for takeoff.


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