The problem with “bringing a friend”

As users of know, when you receive an invitation to an event as a guest, you can choose to indicate that you are bringing friends with you. The way you do this is by clicking on the text box that says “No just me.” Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like in guest view:


Many users have written to us to let us know that they think the feature is unclear. Garrett recently wrote, “That’s really unintuitive, and none of my guests have figured that out.”

Garrett and others: we agree. It’s not intuitive and we are working on a better implementation. It’s coming soon.

The problem with feature-rich software is that sometimes when you add a new feature (like this one) it’s hard to find an elegant way to integrate it with the existing features. We have new ideas about how to implement this particular feature, and we think it will be much more intuitive than it is now. Stay tuned.


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