Pray for Robert

Sometimes this blog gets personal. If you don’t want to read, please don’t.

Yesterday I was shocked to learn that my neighbor Robert Meszaros was in a horrible bike accident. He’s in critical condition. Of course bad things like this happen all of the time. But this feels personal. Allow me to explain.

I wouldn’t say that Robert and I are friends. We’re neighbors. And in typical neighbor fashion, I see him a few times a week, usually working on his yard. We’ve chatted many times, about his job at the Wentworth Institute of Technology, and about my startup. It’s a friendly, if inconsequential relationship. Secretly, I’ve taken to calling him “Ned Flanders,” after the Simpsons character who always has the better lawn.

After I came back from a run a few weeks ago, Robert was going out on a bike ride. We chatted about bicycles, and I mentioned that I hadn’t been on mine in a few years. I explained that I really wanted a road bike instead of my current mountain bike. I took out my mountain bike to show Robert, and he encouraged me to swap out the tires and get a new seat. He told me the best shop in town to go.

Two weekends ago, inspired by Robert, I went to the bike shop and bought road tires and a new seat. I was psyched. I went on a bike ride for the first time in years. A few days later, while taking out the trash in the early morning, I saw Robert and showed him my bike. He was excited for me, and we ended up chatting for 25 minutes about different bike routes in the area. I told him where I had gone: up route 27 to Sherborn. He’d been that way many times, he told me. We talked about safety, and how some routes (like Route 27) have hardly any shoulder on the road. He mentioned a different route that he likes. He pointed out that there are lots of bicyclists on that road, and that it felt more safe to him than Route 27.

This past Saturday, I went on my 2nd bike ride in years. I went on the route that Robert told me about– a beautiful ride to a Horticultural Center in the area. It was great, and I’ve looked for Robert this week to tell him how much I enjoyed it.

Yesterday, I heard the horrible news that Robert was in a bike accident on Saturday– at the exact time I was out riding. He went on the other route that we had spoken about– up Route 27. Apparently, he lost control coming down a hill and hit his head on a guardrail (yes, he was wearing a helmet). There were no cars involved. He’s in critical condition with swelling in the brain and multiple broken bones.

His wife is 6 months pregnant. His family has gathered. His prognosis is unknown.

I’m not particuarly religious, but I’m praying for Robert. If you can, please pray too. He’s a good person, and he deserves to pull through and make a full recovery.

Life is inexplicably random. Could it have been me?

His house sits quietly across the street as I write early this morning. Inside is a heartbroken family, hoping for the best.

Please pray for Robert.


4 Responses to Pray for Robert

  1. Our Heavenly Father, you know Robert and what he is going through. I pray that your Kingdom come to his life and circumstances. I pray for a breakthrough of your amazing grace and mercy upon Robert and his family. Please give him the strenght to pull through and make a full recovery. All this I pray in the name of your beloved son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

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  3. […] shook Robert’s hand today Frequent readers of this blog will know that in late June I wrote a personal story about my neighbor Robert. He was in a horrible bike accident, and I felt connected to his story. He just happened to be the […]

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