Hey Comcast, go away

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and I’m taking a break from being in the hot sun. The neighborhood is quiet, the birds are chirping– and we’re having a nice afternoon.

That is, until the local Comcast sales person showed up. This has become an every weekend-day phenomenon. Comcast reps show up with their offers to switch us from Verizon. Hey Comcast, guess what? I switched away from cable modem to FIOS service from Verizon. You don’t even offer those kind of speeds. And no, I don’t want your overpriced Comcast cable service. I have DirectTV, and it allows me to watch my beloved Jets on the NFL Sunday Ticket. Hey Comcast, guess what? You don’t have that either.

That’s not really the issue, however. Sunday’s are my day to relax and gear up for the week. I really don’t want annoying sales people showing up at my door. I told the woman that someone had been by the last few weekends. Her response, “yeah, we’re all over the area.”

Hey Comcast, go away.


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