Remembering Mike Jackman

We were all saddened and heartbroken to learn today that our colleague Mike Jackman died in a tragic car accident.

Mike was a part of our PR team– he helped us with our West Coast strategy and assisted our main man David. As most people know, we’ve had a tremendous amount of success with our PR campaign with a significant contribution from the West Coast. Although Mike wasn’t externally focused on our press activities, he helped shape, define, and refine our initial strategy. Mike helped lay the groundwork for our success.  It’s a huge loss for everyone, but most of all for our PR manager David.

David spoke with Mike just a few hours before the accident. He relayed to me today that they had a “typical” conversation– Mike cracking jokes as they worked messaging for one of their clients. An ordinary day.

I never got a chance to meet Mike, and only spoke with him on the phone a few times. One particular time stands out to me: I was visiting San Francisco and Mike and I made plans to meet for lunch. He offered to pick me up at the place I was staying , take me to lunch, and deliver me to my appointment. He lived in Mill Valley, so this would mean 3+ hours of driving for him. And he happily offered to do this, all for a guy who he’s never met. Unfortunately, we never got to have that lunch. I came down with the flu the day before my important meetings. When I talked to Mike, he took one listen to my voice and said: “What’s most important is that you rest up for your meetings– get the rest you need, and we’ll have lunch another time.” A small interaction, but very telling. Mike Jackman was a selfless man.

I just did a search in my email, and I have over 50+ emails where Mike Jackman was involved. Most of them are from before launched in January. One more recent email stands out. On my second trip to San Francisco to meet with the press (in March), David and I had assembled a pretty impressive list. Everyone from Bloomberg to Red Herring to the NY Times and Reuters was on that press list. After David emailed the final schedule to everyone, Mike took one look at it and fired back a classic Jackman email:

It’s a nice schedule, but where’s the appointment with the Economist :-)”

To Mike’s family, friends, colleagues, associates and anyone else who was touched by the life of Mike Jackman: the team at Punchbowl Software grieves with you tonight. Mike Jackman left behind pieces of his heart and soul all over this world.  We feel so fortunate that we can say that we were a part of his life.

(Read another tribute to this life here)


One Response to Remembering Mike Jackman

  1. Katie Jackman says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories of Mike. He was such an extraordinary person. I have printed this out for my husband, his brother. I know he will find your tribute touching.– Katie Jackman

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