My Dad reads my blog

Writing this blog can feel pretty lonely. I look at the stats, so I know people are reading it. But I only get a random smattering of comments from actual readers. It’s funny, because I get more email comments than I do blog comments. Maybe people just don’t like writing public comments. Either way, I know I have some loyal readers. The good news is that readership seems to be growing every week.

I have a pretty large family, and some of them read my blog. I have five brothers, and I’m sure some of them read it, but most never mention anything to me. My mom tells me that she reads it “when she has time.” That’s nice to hear, and once in a while she mentions something she read when we talk on the phone. In her defense, the more technical posts are lost on her.

But I think my Dad is my most avid reader. It seems not a post goes by without him mentioning something to me either over email or on the phone. He asks follow-up questions, and makes numerous references to my posts (sometimes even weeks after the post). He laughs at the ridiculous posts, and makes his corny jokes at others. And he always takes the time to read my blog before he calls. He says that it helps him to “know what’s going on.” (This is arguable, but I appreciate the sentiment).

Well Dad, this one’s for you. Happy Fathers Day. While I’m not sure how many other people will read this blog post, I know you will. And it will certainly give us something to laugh about the next time we talk.


One Response to My Dad reads my blog

  1. Dad says:

    Yes, I am a faithful reader of the blog, and saw your post before father’s day ended. Thanks for the wish. I heard from all of your brothers today (an email from Elliot from Hawaii). It was a great father’s day, made even more special by your public note. Thanks again.

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