The print version is better

It’s been a great day for us at As I wrote about last night, Walt Mossberg and Katie Boehret wrote about in the “Personal Journal” section of today’s Wall Street Journal. We’ve had heavy traffic on the site today, and I’ve received many emails from colleagues and friends. All in all, a nice day.

This morning I went out and picked up a copy of the print version– just to see how it looked in print. You know something? I really prefer the print version. On the section front, is a nice call out for the article: “Getting a Summer Party Started Online” (it even has the image that we gave them of a beachball). When you open to page D6, the article is nicely laid out on the left hand side. The screenshot we provided them is centered in the article, and the subtitle of the article is in italics: “MyPunchbowl Features Fewer Ads Than Evite; Photo-Sharing Possible.”

One piece of trivia: for those of you who have seen the article, I’d encourage you to take a close look at the screenshot. I actually included my cell phone number in the image. Feel free to call me and say hello.

Anyway, for me there’s something really gratifying about the tangible, printed version. Call me old-fashioned, but I think the print version is better. This one’s going in the scrapbook.


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