Doing everything right: Boloco Burritos

I guess I’ve been hiding out under a tree somewhere, but until Friday night I had never been to Boloco (for those of you in the Boston area, it used to be known as “The Wrap.”) Anyway, my wife was pretty excited, because a new location opened up in Natick. Apparently, she’s a fan.


So on Friday evening, we went. As soon as you walk in the door there is a large poster-sized letter from the founders of the company, welcoming us to their new store and providing an email address to get in touch. Nice. An easy and fast way to reach the founders of the company.

I ordered a burrito and chips. They quickly informed me that they had run out of chips (no tortilla chips at a burriot joint? Really?). Apparently, the person behind the counter noticed I was bummed. He quickly offered me an apology and a free drink. Very nice. Here’s an employee who is empowered to “make things right.” He didn’t need approval, he just did it. And then he upped the ante: if I came in again and there were no chips, the meal would be on Boloco. “Ok,” I told him, “I’ll be in Monday.”

So Monday, I kept my word. I switched a meeting so that we would meet at Boloco. And guess what? They were out of chips. I told the person taking the order that I was promised a free meal. Guess what? She said “oh, my manager told me you might come in.” I couldn’t believe it. You mean, this manager took the time to communicate his promise to the cashier? “Your meal is on us,” she said, “and we hope you’ll come back.”

Boloco does everything right. I had no opinion about this business, and now Boloco is on the top of my list of places to go for lunch. The employees are empowered to make customers happy. The founders are accessible. The place is clean, well-lit, sounds great (couldn’t help but notice it was a Bose product I helped design), and they even have free wireless.

This is the kind of experience we want every customer to have with MyPunchbowl. We want to delight you. If you’re unhappy, we want to make it right. We want to give you every reason to come back, and leave you with the impression that we really care.

Bravo Boloco. You are a model company of how to do everything right.


One Response to Doing everything right: Boloco Burritos

  1. Bill says:

    What a great story. The employee was very smart, “If you come in again…” This already had you thinking of the next visit. So I am curious, were you hoping that they would have chips or that they would be out of chips?

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