Goodbye, old friend

After a long 3 1/2 year life, an old friend passed away this week. How many cell phones do you know that have lasted that long?

I loved my Treo 600. It was reliable, consistent, and user friendly. And then one day this week, it decided it was tired. It stopped working, and with a last final sigh it had its last phone call. I don’t think my Treo realized that the 12th recruiter this month would be its last call. But alas, none of us get to choose when we take our last breath.

My Treo and I– we saw the world together. Treo’s been there to share my ups and downs, the good news and the bad. Treo’s been my link from Natick to the world, helping me to connect with our partners, the press, and random customers that call me with their stories. Ask anyone who knows me– I carry my Treo almost everywhere I go. I store all of my information in my Treo, and I love to show people how quickly I can pull up their contact information.

Treo 600: you will be replaced. But you were my first Smartphone love, and you will never be forgotten.



One Response to Goodbye, old friend

  1. I had an old Sprint Flip phone that lasted me for 6 years. People wondered why I did not change sooner – it worked. It got great reception and it had all of my numbers in it. Until number portability was a reality I did not want to lose that number.

    I am sorry for your loss. Perhaps you can wait until the iPhone comes out and that will make it all better. You know what they say, “When one phone dies another one is bought.”

    (Remember to recycle and to dispose of the batter in an environmentally safe manner.)

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