My first visit to Google HQ

I’ve just walked into the Google building in Mountain View, CA– it’s my first visit to Google. I’m a bit early for my meeting, so instead I’m sitting on a Google massage chair while writing this blog post. There is a case of fancy juices to my right and a screen of Google checkout searches right in front of me. The view out the window is nice too.

I’ve only met one person here so far– the receptionist. But it’s pretty clear how much even she likes working here.

Interestingly, I’ve been in one of these buildings before. It used to be the old Silicon Graphics main campus, and during my Adobe days I visited SGI a few times. I don’t recall them having a massage chair though. SGI was the Google of their time– and it makes me wonder what will cause Google to fall as far as SGI did.

Well, I must be going. Strawberry C-Monster juice is calling my name.


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