Punchbowl International

One of the things that’s amazing about doing a Web startup is how quickly we have users from around the world. Back when I worked for a startup in 1996-1997, I remember how big a deal it was to have international customers. We had to have distributor agreements in place, and there was a lot of relationship building in each country. The startup was called “Specular International.” I remember Adam (one of the founders) told me that he chose that name because “it made the company seem larger.”

Only 10 years later, we can have instant distribution of our web application. It’s remarkable to see how our users are literally from all over the globe. Here’s a partial list of countries where parties and events have been planned:

  • Puerto Rico (yes, I know it’s in the U.S.)
  • China
  • Russia
  • India
  • Spain
  • France
  • Japan
  • U.A.E
  • Australia

With our latest release, we support international addresses, phone numbers, and mapping. Simply click on the “Outside U.S?” link on the party info page, and the fields will all change to be more internationally friendly.

When we named the company, we decided to go with Punchbowl Software. Maybe we should of chosen “Punchbowl International?”

Start your next party at MyPunchbowl.com!


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