Squish: A great bug database with a great name

Early on, we spent a significant amount of time looking at various bug tracking databases. My from time at Adobe and Bose, I know how critical a good bug database is to the development process. At Adobe, we used a home-brew Filemaker database (it was an amazing use of Filemaker).  At Bose we used Trackweb, a not-so-thrilling but useable database.

So when I set out to find a database for us to use at Punchbowl Software, I knew what I was looking for. I wanted something customizable so that I could implement the development process that I thought was most effective. I didn’t want a database that forced me to use their terms, and I wanted something web-based so that we could all easily access it.

So I tried Bugzilla, and I tried FogBugz. And I tried Mantis, Trac, JIRA and on and on and on. You get the picture. I spent significant time looking for the right database. I almost settled for Bugzilla, mostly out of exasperation. And then I found Squish (cue dramatic sounding music).


I love Squish. Not only does it have the best name of any bug tracking database, it has the best features and functionality. For starters, they give you 120 days (yes, that’s 4 months) to try the product out. It’s very easy to configure to your hearts content, and it’s quick and responsive. Within a few hours, I customized the Punchbowl Squish database to do *exactly* what I wanted to do, and I wasn’t limited to their nomenclature or bug flow.  To top it all off, they have some of the best customer service and technical support that I’ve seen. Squish is truly a joy to use.

I have much more to say about how we use Squish (in a future post). But don’t hesitate. If you are in software development in any capacity, you owe it to yourself and to your team to evaluate Squish.

Start your next party at MyPunchbowl.com!


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