Recycle your guest list

With our latest release, we added a pretty cool feature for hosts who are planning frequent parties with The feature is called “Recycle.”

This feature allows you to quickly reuse your guest list from an event that you already planned using MyPunchbowl. Here’s how it works: on the “save the date” people page or on the invitation “party info” page simply click recycle to load guests from another party.


As soon as you click “recycle,” you will see a dropdown with all of the events that you’ve planned using MyPunchbowl.


Click “OK,” and MyPunchbowl will load in your entire guest list. You can then edit or delete people from this list before sending out your email. If your guest list is very large, it might take a minute to load in all of the names and email addresses.

One note: If you don’t see the “Recycle” button, it’s because you haven’t planned any other events with MyPunchbowl. Once you have other events, you will see the button.

That’s it. A simple but powerful new feature. Consider the “recycle” feature our contribution to help the fight against global warming. Happy Earth Day.

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  1. Desktopjunk says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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