7 Pithy Insights about Dharmesh Shah

I’ve wanted to write this post ever since I met Dharmesh over a year ago. With his “pithy” insights and numbered tips, Dharmesh has created a blog genre, and I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how people react to this post. First, some disclosures: I’ve never worked with Dharmesh, and I only know him casually through business encounters. He wrote a phenomenal post about MyPunchbowl a few months ago. While I hope to work closer with him someday, we don’t have any formal business arrangement. So without further ado, here are my 7 pithy insights about Dharmesh Shah:

He’s an amazing public speaker: The first time I met Dharmesh was at a Boston startup gathering. He was one of the presenters, talking about his newly formed startup Hubspot. He stood up in front of the chalkboard, apologized for not having PowerPoint slides, and proceeded to give one of the best pitches I’ve ever seen. He described the problem with precision and grace, and led us all down the path of his thinking. I took furious notes (and I admit to looking back on them many, many times). It was a lesson in public speaking and how to give a pitch, and one we should all hope to emulate someday.

He’s an extroverted introvert: If you are a regular reader of Dharmesh’s, you know that he likes to talk about how he is an introvert– especially at industry functions. Well for an introvert, I’m always surprised at how many people surround him at these events. He has lots of interesting things to say, and people love to hear it. Sorry Dharmesh, I’m married to a wonderful introvert– and I can tell you that she can out-introvert you anyday.

He’s invented a blog genre: I admit that I’m plagerizing his format. His “pithy” insights are anything but pithy and he presents them in an easy to read, digestable format. Dharmesh understands how people read blogs, and his listed bullet form is a genre unto itself.

He’s a creature of habit: Dharmesh and I had dinner a few months ago, and he casually mentioned that he comes to that restaurant often. In fact, when I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes late, the hostess knew exactly where to take me when I mentioned Dharmesh’s name. I imagine that Dharmesh is a creature of habit in most areas of his life, and there’s something steady about him that makes him so easy to like.

He’s gracious and forgiving: I’m usually pretty good with people’s names, but once in a while I get stuck and repeat the same mistake twice. It happened with Dharmesh. I sent Dharmesh an email and spelled his name “Darmesh.” Mr. Shah corrected me over email. But a week later, I did it again (doh!). I felt pretty stupid, but dHarmesh put me at ease. “It happens all of the time” he wrote. I haven’t made that mistake again.

He’s thinking long-term: Dharmesh doesn’t know it, but he had an amazing impact on me with a simple conversation that we had at a Web Innovators’ group meeting. We were talking about domains, and he mentioned that he casually buys domains as he thinks of ideas. As he told me, that way “I’ll be ready for my next startup.” This rocked my world. Why? I had been spending so much time thinking about domains for MyPunchbowl.com that I hadn’t considered the possibility of another startup sometime down the road. I had found many good domains, but they didn’t fit this business. I raced home that night and bought 30 domains over the next day (yes, I now own www.lucksoftware.com among others). Dharmesh helped me realize that I can be an serial entreprenuer.

His reputation precedes him: In the last month alone, I’ve had 3 different people offer to introduce me to Dharmesh (of course not knowing that I know him already). In each case, Dharmesh was spoken about in lofty terms. Here is just a partial list of adjectives that were used to describe him: savvy, “down to earth”, humble, helpful, friendly, generous,  insightful, smart… you get the picture. This is truly a person that probably doesn’t realize the positive impact he’s had on the entreprenurial community as a whole. Maybe the response to this article will clear that up…

There you have it: 7 Pithy Insights about Dharmesh Shah. Again, I don’t know him that well, but I hope if you’ve never met him this will shed some light on who I believe he is.

So, what are your pithy insights about Dharmesh? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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2 Responses to 7 Pithy Insights about Dharmesh Shah

  1. Wow!

    I’m traveling (I’m writing this from an Internet cafe in Instanbul, Turkey) but thanks very much for the kind words. Even the introvert in me is flattered. My wife is going to think I lead a dual-life or something because the person you’re describing is certainly not me. 🙂

    The fact that someone like me can have this degree of an impact means you don’t get out enough. Wish you continued success with MyPunchowl and wherever the entrepreneurial journey may lead you.


  2. Chris Jackson adf471587879rzq says:

    I don’t have time to go into a lot of details (even “pithy” details), but I’ve been equally impressed with Dharmesh and his many skills. I think I paid him just about the highest compliment that you can pay someone with regards to a working relationship when I told him, “I need to find a ‘Dharmesh Shah’ to partner with me on my startup.”


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