Why I like Programmableweb.com

I was recently interviewed by the folks at programmableweb.com. Since we have launched MyPunchbowl.com, I’ve done quite a few interviews both in person and over email with various publications and blogs. However, the programmableweb case study really stood out to me, and I’ve realized that it’s the same reason that I like the site. It comes down to this: they know who they are and what they want to be. That’s why I like programmableweb.

John Musser has created an excellent site that covers mashups. If you want a definitive source on mashups and the technology behind Web 2.0, then head over to programmableweb (they have a great reference section). The tagline of their site says it all: “keeping you up to date with the latest in mashups and the new Web 2.0 API’s.” Not only will you find a site of the day prominently displayed (and it’s always interesting), but you will also find intriguing stats and trends about mashups. It’s an interesting site, and it’s lots of fun to poke around to find new sites you’ve never heard of. (My favorite discovery: Goggles).

John’s interview questions to me were pointed, probing, and intelligent. To me, it’s yet another reflection on the fact that programmableweb knows exactly who they are and what they want to be. It’s great focus, and I wish them all the best.

Thanks to John and Programmableweb for a engaging interview and a great site. Check out the MyPunchbowl interview with Programmableweb.


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