Significant new features launched on

We’re excited to announce that we just launched significant new features on We’ve been working on these features very hard for many weeks, and hope you’re just as excited as we are about the new functionality.

Without further ado, here are some of the key new features:

  • Themes and templates: We think we now have the best looking themes and templates on the planet. When you create a new event, you can choose from a number of pre-built themes from many different categories. The coolest part about this feature (from a technical point of view) is that we built a robust architecture to allow us to quickly make new themes. If you login to your account now, you will see some themes– but many more are coming (very) soon. I have lots more to say about templates and themes. Much more in a future blog post.
  • Complete International Support: Canadians, Europeans, Asians…rejoice! MyPunchbowl now provides you with full support for international addresses and phone numbers. Simply click “Outside U.S?” and you will see the fields change to be internationally friendly. The google map should also map correctly now. We’ve done a bunch of testing on this, but please let us know how it goes for you.
  • Public events: We now support the ability for you to post (or email) a public url for your event. People can then add their name directly to the guest list. This has been a request that we’ve heard many times. Users want the ability to create a public event and publicize it to the masses. Our new version allows you to do just that, in a very elegant way.
  • Indicate how many friends are coming: This is another request we’ve heard alot about. Now, when you respond to an event, you can indicate how many friends you are bringing. There are a couple of neat things about our implementation: not only will the guest list update in real time (e.g. Matt +2) but the “manage guests” page (for the host) will also update in real-time. For those of you who wrote to us asking for this feature, let us know what you think about our implementation.
  • “Recycle” your guest list: Are you throwing another event on Now you no longer have to re-import your email addresses. Simply choose “Recycle” and you can quickly and easily reuse your guest list.  We think this solution is *much* better than having to maintain a separate address book in MyPunchbowl. I don’t want to have to maintain two address books, and this feature allows me to quickly reuse any email addresses I’ve already imported.
  • Email previews: You can now preview emails for any messages to guests (this includes update emails, after party etc etc). Another user request.
  • Confirmation emails: The host now will get a confirmation email letting you know that emails have been successfully sent. You guessed it– another user request.
  • In addition, we’ve implemented over 75 other small feature requests and issues. I’ll try to mention a few of them over the next several days.

We think this release solidifies our position as one of the leading companies in online event and party planning. Please let us know what you think about our new release.

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2 Responses to Significant new features launched on

  1. […] just announced a major update that directly addresses all three of my concerns. Numerous party themes are now […]

  2. […] MyPunchBowl adds themes, public events. The invitation service we’ve been keeping an eye on since their January launch has updated with several user-requested features (75 according to their blog). One of them themed invitations, a feature we asked for in our original hands-on. Also new is the option to create public events, so people can share a party’s URL instead of requiring the host to manually go in and send out invites. Our favorite theme? Pretzel day. […]

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