Blogging from the NJ Turnpike

I’ve gotten a few emails asking about my new broadband mobile card. The question is always “is it worth it?”

Well, it’s Saturday afternoon around 3:30pm, my wife is driving, and we are doing 75 down the NJ Turnpike. I’m not exactly sure where we are….check that….we are near the last service plaza in NJ. Before I wrote this post I checked our bug database (we’re cranking on a new release and working on the last handful of open issues).  So is it worth it? I’ll let you be the judge. But I think it’s great to live in a connected world.

One last note about my broadband card: during my trip to NYC there were a few times where I walked into an important meeting with only 15 minutes to show off MyPunchbowl (for example, the BusinessWeek meeting lasted only about 12 minutes!). This broadband card allows me to power on my computer and be *immediately* connected. Pretty amazing.

Anyway, we’re headed to D.C. for the weekend. Cherry Blossoms and a 10 mile race. Given my illness recently, it’s going to be a challenge. I wrote a few months ago that running is like doing a startup. This will be one of those times that showing up is more than half the battle.


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