Web Innovators Group 11 last night

It’s been a long week recovering from a pretty nasty illness. But by yesterday afternoon, I was feeling up to attending the Web Inno group meeting. At the last WebInno meeting, I presented MyPunchbowl, so rather than spread the word about MyPunchbowl my goal last night was to see what I could learn from the presenters and generally network.

In my opinion, the best presentation of the night was Virtual Ubiquity’s BuzzWord. Not only did they clearly articulate what they do quickly (word processing for the web) he had a couple of really cool examples to show why it was better than Microsoft Word. I felt like he should have started with the very cool example he showed us about 1/2 way through (“I don’t want the second item to have a bullet…voila!). The only gripe I had about his presentation is when he said “I’m showing you a 5 week old build.” What??!? Why? Is there something wrong with your dev process that the most recent build was problematic? If I was an investor in the room, this would be a big warning sign. I really wished he had addressed the question on everyone’s mind (can you compare/contrast to Writely?).

MyDesignIn was an interesting product. I’m not sure it will ever have wide appeal as a standalone product, but I hope they are successful partnering with someone like Lowe’s or Home Depot. One word of caution for MyDesignIn: Kohler might want it, but be prepared to have a “closed” database if you decide to go this route.

Cardvio looks like a product from circa 2000. Effective, useful to some people, and an interesting replacement for in-store cards. I disagreed with the presenters answer to the handwritten font question. It’s something that we’ve looked into at MyPunchbowl. One other note: I really wished he had sent samples around so that we could all see the quality of the final card. Without it, it left me feeling a bit skeptical.

After the presos, I met some cool new people doing some interesting things (like Mike Ford, Gopal Shenoy, and Bruce Franco). I also met up with some of the regular crowd. It was nice to meet new people and catch up with those I already know.

All in all, a worthwhile event. If we interacted last night– let me say thank you for putting up with my coughing (no, I wasn’t contagious). I know it wasn’t pleasant for me, but hopefully it wasn’t too unpleasant for you.


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