A change to our privacy policy

We’ve had some negative feedback this week about the newsletter we sent out on Monday. Based on this, we’ve decided to change our privacy policy. Here’s the new relevant paragraph:

“In order to invite others to view your MyPunchbowl page, you must provide Punchbowl Software with their email addresses. In order to send messages to your guests through MyPunchbowl , we require that you submit to MyPunchbowl a current, valid email addresses for your guests. When you send messages to your guests, we collect and retain the email addresses or other pertinent contact information of those persons to whom you send the message. All information that you enter about these individuals will be covered by the same terms of this Privacy Policy as your own personally identifiable information. Even though we retain contact information about your guests, Punchbowl Software will not use these email addresses to send promotional communications, newsletters, or service announcements without your explicit permission. If a guest chooses to register with MyPunchbowl , that individual will be considered a MyPunchbowl member and may receive promotional communications, newsletters, and service announcements from Punchbowl Software according to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.”

Our sincere apology to anyone who received the newsletter that didn’t want it. Hopefully this change clearly communicates our desire to make it right with all of our potential customers.

I have a quick list of people to thank for taking the time to blog and also those who took time to privately email with me about this. I especially appreciate those who took the time to examine the issue from all sides and offered useful ideas and suggestions.

Thanks to Sally Huffer, Justin Char, Kevin Briody, Maryam Scoble,  Jake Ludington, Brandon Paddock, and John Pope of TripHub. If I missed anyone– thanks to you too.


3 Responses to A change to our privacy policy

  1. […] planning web service. This afternoon my ego-detector blog search feed sounded off, drawing my eyes to this post at the MyPunchBowl blog: We’ve had some negative feedback this week about the newsletter we sent out on Monday. Based on […]

  2. Kevin says:

    Nice response guys, I am very impressed! This is like a case study in how companies should use the blogosphere.

  3. brad says:

    Good move, I read the privacy policy before signing up and that was one thing that bothered me. Now that you have fixed it I feel much better.

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