New version of MyPunchbowl launches…

We just launched a new version of, and we’re pretty psyched about the new features and functionality. My favorite new feature is the ability to “Try it Out” before you create an account. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like sites that force you to sign up just to have a look around. We went one step further with our “Try it Out” functionality: you can create a ‘save the date’ or an invite, and if you decide to create an account you can pick up where you left off.

Here are some of the other key new features:

  • Flexible RSVP options: allows the host to decide whether the guest list can be seen by guests. Hosts have complete flexibility and can change the options at any time
  •  “Try it out”: provides a simple way to try the application without the need to create an account
  • YouTube integration: Add YouTube videos to your MyPunchbowl After Party
  • Preview “Save the Date” and “Invitation” emails before they are sent
  • Guests can now track parties they are invited to using MyPunchbowl, eliminating the need to keep the invitation email
  • Customize your party map and save the zoom level, and type of map
  • View parties planned across the country in the MyPunchbowl Party Nation map
  • Useful “Reasons to Party” and “Plan Ahead” calendar of holidays and events
  • Interactive messages provide users with feedback throughout the unique workflow-based user interface
  • Update your email and password in “Your Account” settings
  • Support for foreign language characters

What’s your favorite new feature?  Would love to hear your thoughts about the new version.


5 Responses to New version of MyPunchbowl launches…

  1. Aaron says:

    I’d love the ability to have a maximum number of people who can attend, and have the system stop accepting RSVPs once that’s reached. For example: I’d invite 20 people but say I have room for only 7, so the first 7 to reply can come. Is this on the todo list at any point?

  2. mdouglas says:

    Thanks for writing Aaron. There isn’t any way to do this now on MyPunchbowl. My guess is that you are trying to use MyPunchbowl for some kind of formal event (e.g. not a party at your house). Given our initial focus, it’s not on the immediate feature list. But it does sound like it would fit well as another “RSVP option” for the host. E.g. choose the maximum number of attendees. The tricky part will be how to handle it on guest view. What do we show the user who is past the cut-off? How is the host alerted?What if a user changes his mind (thus freeing up a spot)? Lots of implications for this seemingly simple feature.

    – Matt

  3. proy says:

    I like the “Try it out” feature.

  4. Aaron says:

    No, I wasn’t thinking of using it for a formal event, but just knowing there’s space restrictions. I want to have a couple people over for dinner, but I only have a table that seats 5.

    Or, even simpler, I bought 4 tickets to a play/concert/etc… Who’s in? Let’s plan commuting, dinner before hand, etc… All which mypunchbowl does very well, so I’d love to use it.

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