My new friends Bambi and Sunshine

I’ve been on the road a lot– most recently in San Francisco to meet with the press. I had a lot of great meetings and met a lot of interesting people.

I’m always fascinated by people I meet with interesting names. In college, I worked at the “Center for Work and Career Development.” My job was to help students fill out their I9 form (you know, the one where you have to show two forms of ID to prove that you are a U.S. resident). I met a lot of people this way, and the interesting names stood out. One in particular I can still remember today: I met a girl named “Charity Faith Hope.” Must have had hippie parents.

When I worked at Adobe, one of our key partners was a company named Pinnacle Systems. One person we worked with closely was M3 Sweatt. Yes, his first name was M3. Very nice guy, and the best part about him is that he drove a BMW M3. Funny stuff.

This all brings me to my new friends Bambi and Sunshine. I met with Bambi Francisco during my press tour in San Francisco. Bambi is a great person, and we had a fun time hanging out and talking about startups. If you haven’t read Bambi’s blog, you’re missing something. She’s also working on a startup of her own called I’m a big fan of what she is doing at Vator.

Sunshine Mugrabi works at Red Herring magazine, and we actually have quite a bit in common. We both worked and lived in Northampton, MA– and we both are a bit cynical after watching the irrational exuberance of the late 90’s. Sunshine wrote a nice article about MyPunchbowl.

I like meeting new people– especially if they have cool names.


2 Responses to My new friends Bambi and Sunshine

  1. M3 Sweatt says:

    I heard that Matt had a new start-up and found the blog. Nice to hear about your new venture and best of luck – I will have to move my party planning over to your new service! (BTW, I had a 7… there wan’t enough legroom in the 3 series for me 😉

    At my company, I have an associate by the name of K7 – can you believe it?


  2. Holly Still says:

    M3 never drove an M3. Get your facts straight…

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