MyPunchbowl in the Wall Street Journal

MyPunchbowl was covered by the Wall Street Journal today (both in print edition and video), alongside of MySpace, Facebook, and Evite. Here are some quotes and screenshots:

From the video: (Watch it now!)

“What are some of the other names that are popular right now and what sets them apart?”

“Well, Evite, Facebook, MySpace: they all have some sort of invitation
feature. And now we are seeing sites like which are
trying to be different by keeping the RSVP process closed and private
instead of open and so they are hoping that that will draw new viewers… and they’re also linking people up to party planning stores and other places to help them plan the whole party.”

Wall Street Journal Video screenshot

From the print edition (you must have a Wall Street subscription to read the whole article).

“But they used a new online invitation service Punchbowl Software
Inc.’s that keeps the guest list hidden from other
guests. Its site promises “RSVP is not a public exhibition.”

Wall Street Journal Print (2/6/07)

Special thanks to Jessica Vascellaro at the Wall Street Journal for covering us.

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One Response to MyPunchbowl in the Wall Street Journal

  1. Nice press. I found your site from Anyway, as of today, you have a new user :O)

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