Happy Groundhog Day!

Well, it’s Groundhog Day…again. For those of you who know the story of how MyPunchbowl began you know that Groundhog Day plays an important role in the genesis of the product. It’s my favorite holiday of the year. Maybe I should have been a weatherman.

We’re having our 11th annual Groundhog Day party tomorrow. It’s the first time I’ve planned the grand Groundhog Day party using MyPunchbowl. After all of this time developing the concept and idea for the product, it sure is satisfying (not to mention a joy to use).

Punxasutawney Phil predicted that spring is just around the corner (for only the 15th time in 120 years!!). Here in the Northeast United States we were pretty surprised by the little fella’s prognostication– after all it hasn’t even snowed yet this year in Boston. But we know Punxsy Phil is right– he always is.

And do yourself a favor– if you haven’t seen the movie “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray, go out and get it. Right now.

Happy Groundhog Day to you and yours!


One Response to Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. John Cass says:

    you have a double post.

    What’s the story with Groundhog and Punchbowl? Do you have a link?

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