MyPunchbowl at Boston Web Innovators Group

On Tuesday evening, I had the opportunity to speak at the Boston Web Innovators group. I’ve been attending this event for a while now, so it was interesting to be on the other side as a presenter. I always find the event worthwhile, and even more so this time as a presenter. It’s was a great opportunity to show off MyPunchbowl in front of a captive audience.  It’s interesting, because I heard over and over again about how people’s perceptions of the product were changed after the demo. Many people told me that they had checked out the site beforehand but didn’t really “get it” until after seeing the demo. Something to think about: how can we better communicate the features of the product on our home page before a user logs in? (Would love to hear your suggestions about this).

I think the event is very well run– and I have a few suggestions to make it better. I think it would very useful if David would arrange to have a large corkboard in the room. At the front check-in desk, WebInno could provide index cards prelabeled “I’m looking for…” and “I’m available for…” There are many connections that could be facilitated with the “WebInno board.” I think it would be a quick and easy way to help connect people at the event (and I’ve talked with many people who wish there was a more efficient way than running around the room trying to meet as many people as possible).  I’d also recommend that WebInno should start a Yahoo or Google group. It would be a great way to keep the dialog going after the event is over.

Thank you to David Beisel and everyone who helped put on WebInno 10. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to present.


One Response to MyPunchbowl at Boston Web Innovators Group

  1. ben d says:

    Sorry to have missed the presentation, but heard it was great. I like the cork board idea.

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