A better way to RSVP has arrived

It’s been busy for us right before and after the holiday weekend. However, it’s been worth it– we successfully shipped a new version of MyPunchbowl, adding many new features. There is plenty to write about, but one new feature stands out: MyPunchbowl now has a unique, more personal way to RSVP to an event or party.

Here’s how it works: after a host has created a party invitation, he/she can easily send an invite to guests and ask for an RSVP. MyPunchbowl RSVP has 3 options for the guest:

YES: If a guest RSVP’s “Yes,” a collaborative party message board will appear. The guest can choose to write a comment on the message board– but it is not required. We look at the party message board as a fun place to interact– not a required public forum where you have to come up with something witty to say.

RESPOND LATER: If a guest RSVP’s “Respond Later,” a message from the host will appear. Right now it’s a simple message which asks the guest to respond before the event. Respond Later provides the guest with a simple way to answer later.

CANT MAKE IT: If a guest cannot make it, the guest can send a private note to the host. Rather than a public Yes/No/Maybe list, our “Can’t make it” allows the guests to privately decline the invitation.

We think there are many benefits of the “MyPunchbowl RSVP” method– the most important being that MyPunchbowl RSVP is not a public exhibition.  There is no public list of who’s coming and who’s not coming. Rather than deciding on whether you’re coming based on who else is coming, you decide what you want to do. MyPunchbowl RSVP is a personal 1:1 interaction between the host and the guest. That’s how we think it should be.

Go try it out. Create a new party and give it a whirl. And let us know what you think about our new way to RSVP.


5 Responses to A better way to RSVP has arrived

  1. Sam says:

    While I very much agree with you that making the RSVP list private is a good thing, I know of many, many people who make their decision about whether or not to show up to a party explicitly based on who else is/is not going to be there. I think you might end up changing your mind about this feature down the road.


  2. Dave Buck says:

    I’m hosting a class of 87 reunion and I’m hoping to use the RSVP feature to invite classmates to come to the message board and help plan the party.

    My problem is that it is an RSVP and many classmates aren’t sure if they can come. Yet, I want them all to participate on the message board. I’d guess family reunions would work this way too.


  3. Matt says:


    Thanks for writing. We recommend that you use a “Save the Date” as a way to get everyone involved in the planning process. Send a save the date out now and everyone can participate in the message board. Then, when you need an RSVP count and have the details nailed down, send out a full invitation. Hope this helps!

    – Matt Douglas (MyPunchbowl Founder)

  4. Roger Chew says:

    I have to also agree with Sam’s comment. Many people decide whether or not they attend an invite by looking at the guest list. You cannot escape this because there are a number of factors that determine whether or not a person will attend. People attend because they see that their friend is coming. Or people dont attend because they see someone they dont like. In any case, if you dont show a guest list, its really hard to decide whether or not to go because you dont know if your the only person that is going to be there.

    Also, I think when you respond to an invite, that you should be able to also leave a comment at the same time, just like evite. Responding and then posting a comment is 2 steps, instead of 1. When people respond it invites they want to respond to it fast and efficiently. Adding that extra step is too much work. Yes, I agree that on evite, I always try to think of something witty to say. But still, you can perform both actions at once.


  5. Brian says:

    Well, darn it. Now I see the problem. Look, I don’t use this to invite folks to a party. I use this to coordinate my hockey team (I use to use evite for this but their interface changed so I’m trying something new). If my team has a problem not being able to see if the subs have responded, or who has responded yes or no or maybe, it makes it difficult to create the lines or to know if we have enough players.

    Can’t we just have a make public/make private check box, so we can make the decision for ourselves?

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