Designing for browser size

Designing a website is a little like designing airplane seats: One size needs to fit all (… or, well, in the case of most airlines, one size fits all small people).

But in terms of websites, I’m referring to browser size and screen resolution. MyPunchbowl challenges us to design not just for different types of web browsers, but for different screen resolutions (800 X 600, 1024 X 768, etc).

But wait, there’s more – a dimension like 1024 X 768 refers to the area of the entire screen. I don’t know about you but the toolbars and menus in my browser take up quite a bit of space. Oh, and by the way, I don’t usually maximize my browser. So the actual window in which you view websites can be quite a bit smaller than the screen resolution.

I think you’ll find that this article provides some nice insights into this issue.

In the end, like the airplane seat, you can’t please everyone. There will always be some graphic designer with a 12,000 X10,000 pixel monitor looking at MyPunchbowl like this:

big screen

… just as there will be someone holding onto their 640 X 480 monitor seeing something like this:

small screen

We’ll try to walk the middle road with our design and please as many people as possible.


One Response to Designing for browser size

  1. Kevin Howard says:

    You should know a lot about airline seats since you worked for Northwest Airlink.

    /s/ Yo Daddy

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