You’re surfing the web. You click on a link or button. Nothing happens … or does it … wait, is the browser logo moving? is anything happening here?

There’s nothing worse than staring at an idle web browser wondering what’s going on. We sympathize. That’s why we try to give feedback in MyPunchbowl whenever possible. Usually it is in the form of a “spinner” – the fun little windmills that turn after you, for example, press “send email” to share your invitation.

Want to get dizzy? Check out this page of spinners:


3 Responses to Feedback

  1. Armen says:

    I am confused. I am not able to see which guests are actually coming to my planned event, nor if they will be bringing along any guests. This is a crucial piece of functionality as this event is very space limited and I need to coordinate the alloted attendance according to responses. Unfortunately for this specific event I will be forced to rely on evite.

  2. mdouglas says:


    Thanks for leaving a comment. We agree– for events where you need to track the number of people coming according to an allotment, MyPunchbowl doesn’t yet have the functionality. We are working on significant new featuers that will offer a whole suite of tools around guest list management. I think you’ll be psyched when you see what we are up to. For now, we think we have a simple but powerful product that suits the needs of lots of event-throwers. If I may borrow a page from 37signals– although it doesn’t have every feature, the ones we do have we think are well designed and easy to use. Hope you agree. Stay tuned for new guest list functionality on MyPunchbowl coming soon.

  3. garyM says:

    very insightful read, thankyou.

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