Our rollout continues

When we first started this blog forMyPunchbowl, we wrote about our plan for a “managed rollout.” For us, the goal was to roll out MyPunchbowl in stages so that we could have as much 1:1 contact with our users as possible.  We wanted to make sure the features worked really well, and that the UI was as easy to use as possible.

Our managed rollout has gone well- we’ve steadily increased users, fixed alot of issues, and have been able to implement a lot of user-suggested features. We’ve taken the fewer features/simpler approach (37 signals would be proud), and we’ve  improved the product in bite-size increments.

Over the next few days, we’ll be widening the scope of our rollout. We think we’re just about ready now and we’re excited to have even more people try out MyPunchbowl for their next party or event. Yes, we know there are still features users want to see, but we think that less is more. We hope you agree that we’ve created a simple, but powerful app that is fun to use.

We’ll post more info about the next stage of our Managed Rollout soon.


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