A better calendar

When we first mocked up the concepts for MyPunchbowl, we sketched a popup calendar that would make it easy for users to quickly choose a date for their event or party. We trolled different sites, and found one at www.orbitz.com that we liked alot. It was simple, automatically popped up– all of the things we wanted in a calendar. So we implemented a calendar that was pretty simliar.

Since then, we’ve had two particular calendar features requested a few times. The first, users wanted the calendar to show the days of the week above the calendar. The second, users wanted the abbreviated day of the week to show up after you choose the date.  Small tweaks, but after recently implementing and using the calendar with these new features, we couldn’t agree more. It is a better calendar now. Go check it out, and let us know if there are any other calendar related features you would like to see on www.mypunchbowl.com


One Response to A better calendar

  1. Sam says:

    Hey Matt, thanks for all the recent updates. I really like the service, and appreciate hearing about the new features as they get rolled out (much easier than trying to find them on my party pages :). Do you publish an RSS feed for this blog, so I can find out automatically the next time something cool gets added?

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